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Research and Innovation in Education Institute take part in the "Multilateral Youth Exchange" programme, supported by the European Commission trough the Erasmus+ Program. Job Me! is a project implemented in Romania from 20 - 27 June 2016 by Youth on the Move Association as a coordinating organization and I.N.F.A.P. Istituto Nazionale Formazione e Addestramento Professionale from Italy, Unique projects from Lithuania, KRACANIE PO VODE from Slovakia

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We are a group of polish artists who currently live in Czestochowa. We all are absolutely passionate about what we do. Among us you can find a composer, producer, songwriter, singer, pianist, drummer, guitarist and graphic designer. It will defenitely be a great experience to work with you so let us know what we may to assist you in completion of your project at highest level possible. Meet our team in detail to see what we might offer.

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Our team members fulfill their creative needs taking part in vast variety of projects both individually and in groups. We will be more than happy if we could work with you. Just click the button below to see what we have done so far.

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Multilateral Youth Exchange


The project activities will be attended by 30 young people from Romania, Italy, Poland, Lithuania and Slovakya.

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"Joy is the best measure of success!"

Where are we from?

We are from Czestochowa - Poland. See the video below for more info about our city. Enjoy!

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INBIE Czestochowa - Poland

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