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Short term study abroad programs
The Use of Information Communication Technology: Enhance research and professional development
Use of Internet in Education

Internet is widely used by teachers and students from primary, secondary and higher education and third age universities [formal non-formal education systems] not only as a tool for communication but also for research activities. Internet gives the possibility to join research efforts from academics students and students around the world by using "cooperative learning" or "cooperative research projects". Generally everyone uses internet and our objective is not to teach you how to search on Internet but how to use this important instrument for research purposes. We enfasise in the rules that must be followed to difference a scientific paper of a simple comment, how to cite an on-line document, how to avoid cyberplagiarism...

Use of Internet in the workplace

Useof Internet as a tool that increase the effectiveness of work is something obvious and nobody can deny that a modern enterprise can not function without Internet and being online is a necessity not only forsales or marketing but also for public relations, internal – externalcommunicationsand long-life learning

There is no person engaged in educational institutions that does not have the contact with computer and internet. However the question is not: touse or not to use the electronic devices but what use we make of theseimportant tools.



One to four weeks

If you choose one week "study abroad program" you should go to schedule page where we present a tentative program to be implemented with students, foreign tutors suggestions.

If you choose two -four weeks, the first week you will participate with the group. The following weeks will be planned us following:

  • practical placement at "Reserach and Innovation in Education Centre" or other center / enterprise in Poland (Depends of your interest) two days per week.
  • own research activities [tutor will be available for consultation] (choose the language: Spanish - English or Italian) two days per week.
  • visits to "Research Institutions in Poland" (It depends of your research interest) one day per week.
  • Weekend will be free or if you prefere, we are able to plan cultural - educational visits to: Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Ostrava, Prague, Vienna. Budapest, Berlin...
ICT – enhancedResearch and Professional Development has been designed as an instrument of support for the participants in theirattempt to obtaining the extra ICT competences and skills in their research activities and workplace. The first week Short term study abroad program has been divided into four partsthat provide a simple and effective strategy for finding information for research activity and documenting the sources you find.
Depending on the topic and the familiarity with the online library, the participant may need to rearrange or recycle the steps proposed during the course.
Part 1: Identify and develop yourtopic.
Part 2: Find background information (secondary data).
Part 3: Cite what you find using astandard format
Part 4: Find Primary data
Part 4: Write and present yourresearch

The one week program covers all the research process. In the following weeks you will put in practice what you have learned during the first week.
Our staff speak English – Spanish – Polish - Italian languages