Poland - italy

Who can participate?
Only people interested in cultural and scientific exchange
Students [formal and non formal education system] from High schools, Higher schools, Universities, PhD researchers willing to undertake their research activity in Poland and / or Italy, master their research methodologies, new research instruments.
Administrative staff willing to implement new ways of work eficiency and interested in research project management.
Academic staff (teachers from all educational levels) willing to perform research activities in Poland and/or Italy, comparative studies or learn new ways of doing scientific research.
SMEs employees willing to improve their market research methods or searching for new business oportunities.

The main objective of this short term study abroad
is to introduce an innovative way for using information and communication technology tools for research and professional development purposes with a unique cultural exchange experience.

By the end of this period, participants will have a better understanding of the research process and the rules that guide it, including the identification of a topic, planning a research activity, preparation of a research proposal and final research report.

Researchers are required to participate in all lectures, workshops, guided tours, film studies, and other activities as noted in syllabus and / or as provided by your Mentor.

Do not come late to any event. Research and Innovation in Education Centre (Centum Badan i Innowacji w Edukacji] policy: Attendance for all classes, excursions and all program related activities is mandatory.  Additionally, You should have laptops, smartphones or tablets during class. 

Assignment (research)

To receive a certification of your stay in the study abroad period the participant will:

Participate in all planned activities 20 %
Write a short research project
60 %
Present the research project 20 %

The research project should be determined by the student and / or the Faculty Director PRIOR to the trip. Each paper must have no fewer than 3 academically based sources.

If you have difficulties finding information, please let us know and we will help you. You will always be able to find information on your topic.