Aim and Objectives

AIM: to enhance the capacity of 25 EDUCATORS and 15 adult ORGANIZATIONS in their support for 150 SENIORS to remain active while ageing.

- Improve the level of skills of 25 EDUCATORS to adequately contribute to seniors education and development, in 13 months.
- Facilitate access of 150 SENIORS to informal learning opportunities and exchanges of experiences, in 10 months.
- Enhance the capacity of 15 ADULT ORGANIZATIONS to appropriately valorize seniors, in 16 months.


  • TG1 – Educators, facilitators, volunteers from partners and associated partners who work to support senior learners. Needs: new teaching methods, digital tools, for own development and for seniors’ engagement.
  • TG2 – Seniors (65+) from the target group of partners organizations and associated partners. Needs: stay involved in activities for their mental health and for active ageing.
  • TG3 - Adult organizations working with seniors in all kinds of education and social care system. Needs: develop internal capabilities to accomplish their mission.